Monday, October 15, 2012

What a disappointment

The Nobel Peace Prize

Once again as I stayed self-consciously self-disconnected from the Internet for a few days, I missed news of some significance, and so when a friend of mine  asked me on the phone what do I make of  the selection of the impartial and politically unmotivated Nobel prize committee, I was at a a loss what to say because I had no idea, who got the prize.

Well, apparently it went to the the European Union.  What?!

Wait. Who got it?

The EU.

That was a disappointment.

I was quite certain that the NATO would get the Nobel Prize for Peace but apparently at the last moment  the EU snatched it.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, DDR

Today I was listening to a program on Euro FM, a Russian (pro-Putinist, almost official Moscow) radio station in Reval. Apparently today is the birthday of the German Democratic Republic, GDR, DDR, history's first "Good Germany".

I just realized that the GDR was proclaimed on the 7th of October, the day of the German-sponsored Bolshevist putsch in Petrograd and the destruction of the Russian state against which Germany fought so hard for the three years that preceded the catastrophe. The choice of the date to proclaim the Republic was remarkable and laden with irony:  The 7th of October, the day Russia was eliminated and Germany gained breathing space in the West (didn't help it much in the longer term) as well as created a number of inbetweenie ethnostates like Estonia that poisoned the soil with their presence from Adriatic to the Baltic was probably one of greatest though unintentional German triumphs but also a spectacular failure. Like the German Democratic Republic that was proclaimed on the very same day and today celebrates its' 62nd anniversary though I found an illustration for the 61st.

After re-reading the previous passage in a sober state I realized that I erred big time: the time of creation of this German state was different from the Bolshevik putsch, I was off by one month, the coup in Petrograd happened on October 25 (if one uses the correct Julian calendar) or November 7 (if the date is recalculated per heretical though now alas dominant Gregorian calendar). Therefore the entire preceding passage makes no sense - sorry about that, this happens all the time, a lesson thought why it is desirable to write about states in a sober state or at least get a qualified proofreader.

This does not diminish my celebratory enthusiasm for the glorious date:

So a Happy Birthday, GDR 

As I was listening (and what I am going to narrate here tells   a lot about the quality of broadcasting or of the public discourse in general in today's Russia or what's left of it and of the mushy brains in the skulls of the broadcasters) to the Euro FM commentary on the anniversary of the German Democratic Republic, the woman (badly mangling and mispronouncing words) listed the names of today's Federal Länder which were incorporated into the GDR - saying out loud in automata style,  Berlin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Western Pomerania (the preceding two are the same thing, but that's okay, the radio commentator is not supposed to know everything especially if it happens to be a woman),  so  Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia, then she paused and said.. Those states of the German Democratic Republic were separated from Germany by the (hated) Berlin wall and remained separated until the wall collapsed in the 1990.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, DDR!

As a side note, the place where I borrowed this picture from, a political journal of a bloggish nature, puts forth a credible claim, that at least from the German perspective that the DDR is still  with us.

I am going to translate this on the go hence the translation might be a bit crude

 1. Transportation
- every 5th car is a Skoda
-  Trabant, Wartburg and IFA W50 still drive in the streets.
-  the streets themselves are in a state as poor as they were back in1985
-  the gasoline prices are also like in the 1985
-  Subway operates under an emergency schedule.
- trains don't run on time and practically all of them are defective
- There is no winter service (snow removal) in the streets except for the capital (Berlin).

2.  Politics
- The head of state is a woman from   Mecklenburg-West Pomerania
- the freedom of speech is restricted (eeTilo Sarazin)
- there is no difference for what party to vote (all the candidates of the national front), the old ones remain in power
- there are again demonstrations on mondays (Stuttgart)
- FDJ rallies are now called loveparades
- Russia and China are the strongest powers while USA is deeply in debt to the Chinese
-  new socialist states emerge in South America
- Companies again spy on their employees (Telecom)

3. Economy
- You can only get seasonal goods like road salt and snow shovels if you have to good connections to the Headquarters or the Konsum cooperative.
- we are dependent on Russian natural gas and Polish coal.
- Powerful Russians partially control German companies
- There are again returnable bottles and people who collect them in the streets.
-  Paper refuse and old garbage are again collected to be in exchanged for cash
- Beer cans have become a rarity.
-  People again use firewood and coal for heating
- Largest banks are nationalized  (people's property)
- A large section of the population does not work but has a full income  
( functionaries are now called public servants)
- Waiting lines at the cash registers and checkout counters are again common
- Parents again get child support payments from the state

4. Education
- Children against must attend a nursery and a kindergarten (horrible stuff actually, that's why I would never want to live in Germany, quelle horreur).
- Primary and secondary schools are to be merged
- There should be an uniform Baccalaureate
- the Bätschelorr (bachelors)should again become an Inschenör (Engineers)
- again the Doktorhut (doctorate, literally doctor's hut or a pun on mortrarboard) is not something to be earned, but is conferred from the above.
1. Verkehrswesen:
- jedes 5. Auto ist ein Skoda
- Trabbi, Wartburg und W 50 fahren immer noch auf den Straßen
- die Straßen sind so kaputt wie 1985
- die Benzinpreise sind auch wie 1985
- S-Bahn fährt nach Notfahrplan
- die Eisenbahn ist nie pünktlich und fast alle Züge sind defekt
- Winterdienst auf den Straßen gibt es nur in Berlin

2. Politik
- Staatsoberhaupt ist eine Frau aus Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
- die Meinungsfreiheit ist eingeschränkt (siehe Tilo Sarazin)
- egal welche Partei (alles Kandidaten der nat. Front) man wählt, es bleibt
alles beim alten
- es gibt wieder Montagsdemos (Stuttgart)
- FDJ Kundgebungen heißen jetzt Loveparade
- Russland und China sind die stärksten Weltmächte und die USA hoch
verschuldet bei China
- in Südamerika entstehen neue Sozialistische Staaten
- Firmen bespitzeln wieder ihre Mitarbeiter (Telekom)

3. Wirtschaft
- Saisonartikel wie Streusalz und Schneeschieber sind nur mit guten
Beziehungen zur HO oder zum Konsum zu bekommen
- wir sind abhängig vom Russischem Erdgas und Polnischer Steinkohle
- deutsche Firmen gehören teilweise mächtigen Russen
- es gibt wieder Pfandflaschen und Flaschensammler
- Papier und andere Altstoffe werden wieder gesammelt und gegen Geld
- Bierdosen sind sehr selten geworden
- es wird wieder mit Holz und Kohle geheizt
- die ersten Banken sind verstaatlicht (Volkseigentum)
- ein großer Teil des Volkes arbeitet nicht, hat aber volles Einkommen
( die Funktionäre heißen jetzt Beamte)
- Warteschlangen vor Schaltern und Kassen sind wieder üblich
- Eltern bekommen wieder Kindergeld

4. Bildung
- Kinder sollen wieder in die Krippe und Kindergarten gehen
- Grundschule und Oberschule werden zusammengelegt (längeres gemeinsames Lernen oder auch POS)
- es soll einheitliche Abiturprüfungen geben
- der Bätschelorr wird wieder ein Inschenör
- der Doktorhut wird für die da oben verliehen, nicht erarbeitet

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Google's incredible time machine

Google  has obviously not updated their general country settings for a while since I apparently reside in a state that ceased to exist in 1939

Sunday, January 8, 2012

transformation of Usuk into Fukus

A great article on legal issues surrounding Hormuz straits threats is to be found here, it is written by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey.

My commentary It seems that the evil creation popularly known as Usuk (USUK or US + UK) has mutated into even a more hideous monstrosity called Fukus (France + UK + US) after the French were duped into electing (well, not really he was never elected, that was a scam) a treasonous Zionist lowlife that crawled into the Palais de l'Élysée. I understand that the French are good, ethnicity-blind,  all-assimilating, tolerant and unprejudiced (say compared to most tribes which became "states" and "nations" after 1918 never mind 1991) true Europeans and fantastic people (they are) and I understand that were vulnerable in that respect and the Evil Ones took advantage of that weakness.  As one brilliant person wrote (referring to this situation):  Charles de Gaulle must be turning in his grave at 10 000 rpm. I do however believe that Fukus would disappear because the French would make up and cleanse the Élysée palace off this treasonous vermin.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Height and victimhood

Height and the relative value of victimhood

Roobit’s Index (I’ll try to keep it up as curious facts and numbers pop up)

Height of Charles De Gaulle, President of France - 196 cm (6' 5")
Ethnicity French

Height of Nicolas Sarkozy, a US puppet (Nicolaus Africanus) - 162 cm (5' 3")
(the exact height is a state secret)
Ethnicity Jewish and Hungarian

Height of Peter I Romanov (Peter the Great), Emperor of Russia 204 cm (6' 9")
Ethnicity - Great Russian

Height of Vladimir Putin, a US puppet - 168 cm (5' 6")
Ethnicity - I guess a Great Russian though no one knows for sure
(the truth is a state secret)

(Ethnicity is a subjective concept and here it is either cultural background or what the person identifies himself with or how he is publicly perceived by others not some biological or genetic quality; some of de Gaulle’s roots are Irish, he had Irish grandmother (Marie Angelique McCartan) and while the General was aware of his Irish ancestry he of course was French).


Number of victims of Czech “degermanization” program in 1945-1948
About 3 250 000 - (3 million expelled and deported and 250 000 murdered because of their perceived ethnicity or self-identified preference for speaking German language)
Known as a shining triumph of freedom, an act of national self-cleansing, manifestation of historic vengeance, proof of nation’s commitment to liberal values and an ultimate expression of democratic freewill.

Number of Czech victims who lost their lives in the suppression of 1968 Prague Spring by Soviet and Warsaw pact forces (who regarded the event as a creeping ethnofascist coup):
Less than a 100 (less than one hundred)
Known as an unparalleled suppression of freedom, an atrocity on a historic scale, rape of a central European nation, a savage act of Eastern barbarism.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Putin appoints new Psychiatrist in Chief

While I am quite confident, the blind can see what's going on, that the West (meaning the Evil Empire of the USA and its puppets like Britain but also fascistoid Federal Republic of what was Germany) is now trying to launch World War III, the 2012 or 2013 might be the year they do that (hundred years mark is about to be passed and the forces of evil do that every century) and the West now wants to get rid off Putin and put some scumball of the "throne" in Russia before attacking the country, quite a few things remain puzzling.

Conspiracies aside,   Putin is becoming  unpopular   not just because he is thief (he is) but also because  he seems to be acting like a total jackass. He underwent   plastic surgery and now   looks like an aging actress.  Her time has long been up, the madame should have left the scene years ago but she still insist on playing the role of a young courtesan. Culturally Russia is not South America and men don't get plastic surgeries done on themselves for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Putin compared protesting Russian voters to condoms. Another comparison like that and Russia will have a new president and a new prime minister.

Today on public TV Putin shared the thought that the nation's population needs psychiatric treatment and he can be the nation's psychiatrist.  As if that was not bizarre  enough he compared himself  with Franklin Delanoe Roosevelt. Why would anyone compare himself with despicable and treacherous American dictator is frankly beyond me, why Roosevelt, why not Hitler or Count Dracula.  Unlike Hitler and Roosevelt Putin wears watches that cost more than do most family houses. That understandably irritates people too. I have no idea who his advisers are besides that lowly mutt of half-pale-of-settlement Jew mixed Chechen Surkov fellow, creature that is both abominable and despised by the majority of Russian people,  but  whoever he or she is or they are,  Putin needs to get rid off them fast otherwise he might not just lose his  Kremlin quarters but risks being thrown in  jail as well.  

Saturday, December 24, 2011

lingua anglica est lingua stulta

As I was corresponding with a friend of mine, gentleman as enlightened as he is "educated" (in fact his job is educating others) and as we were talking about myself getting an assistant, either him or her, who would teach English to my small kids (I would need someone who is a native speaker of some good variety of preferably British English,  not the American patois that I picked up), he dropped a phrase like...
(yes, you have to teach them English because you know now...)

English is a lingua franca

That gave me a chuckle

Then I googled up the phrase "English a lingua franca" and got 7 020 returns.

That gave me a pause.

Now obviously English has became something of a lingua franca in the sense of being independent from either France or Francia as it mutated into a third party telegraphic language, the linguistic equivalent of the old euro dollar. It is the pig language  that say Estonian lowlife would use to communicate with a German visitor (though from historical standpoint the lowlife in question should speak the proper language of its Teutonic master and do so eagerly and with an air of veneration). I am being sarcastic here, not deliberately offensive. As such this "English" is not akin to either  the historic lingua franca or to the lingua franca of the Mediterranean which was a tongue shared by people who usually spoke a related Romance language natively. This English is detached from the real thing. Unlike real human languages it is neither nuanced nor idiomatic, in fact it is really not a human language but an ersatz of one whose speakers saturate it with their own concepts and culture, and when culture is lacking - as in case of tribal Baltic satrapies like Estonia, with effluent. An example would be the frequency of Estonian  use of their own word for excrement, usually describing their own ilk,  they say that word far more frequently than its equivalent would appear in otherwise obscenities-rich Russian  (or Czech  or American English, or German though Germans tend to use it more frequently than Americans). The most frequent public exclamation in this supposedly lingua franca is the s@!@ word pronounced with a thick Finno-Ugric accent. An international fashion industry caters to the linguistic tastes of recently urbanized Estonian peasant.  On a few occasions I saw young men or adolescents wearing "A Piece of Sh#t" t-shirt on their own personas. Not abbreviated or mildly humorous, no  statement-making in any way. Just I am "piece of S!#t" t-shirt. Which in the contents is of course correct, in fact it could be made the national slogan, but it is supposedly English though I can't imagine an American or Canadian or even a Brit putting a piece of clothing like that on his own honorable self. This paints a broad cultural pastiche of the locals - with alas yet not detached skulls of aggressive males that are either shaved or have very short crew cuts or prostituty females who attempt to speak with all foreigners in this sort of "lingua franca" (it is assumed, rather foolishly, that all foreigners were supposed to speak English). Another feature of this language is that uses concepts from the natives' tongue that are not early transportable, never mind comprehensible. Let me give you an example, in the tongue of the Estonian tribe, of the Esths, almost any noun can become an adjective with a vowel at the end of the noun.  In the Viru Keskus, the shopping center  next to the Soviet Viru Hotel, in the ethnostate's capital, there is a trilingual sign, a map showing location of different stores in the complex.  The first tongue is Estonian, the second language is English and the third one is Russian. Never mind that Russian speaking population is as large as Estonian speaking albeit the Russians have to live under an apartheid  system and face grotesque ethnic and linguistic discrimination. In Estonian it says "Majajuht" - where maja means a house (like a single family dwelling) and juht means conductor of something, a guide.  The word in Russian is Путеводитель - I guess they looked that up in a dictionary. Under ethnic dictatorship ethnic Esths (Estonian peasants) are now even tasked with writing Russian despite the fact that a third of the population speaks the language natively, with resultant absurdities. Путеводитель из really a guidebook, something like a Baedecker.  The word in the fantastic "lingua franca" is ...yes, you guessed it - houseguide. The Estonian took maja and juht and translated it as Houseguide. Now, I don't know what or who the house guide is, I assume it is a person who guides a  pioneer, sapper or combat engineer though a house the local Nazis had mined. Perhaps it is a servant attached to you as a guide on a large estate. But it is certainly not a directory because the word in lingua anglica for that would be "directory" or perhaps building directory or if it were schematic it could perhaps be called a map. 

The proper word did even not occur to the speakers of this lingua franca because they operate within the limitations of their own poor language (I noticed that the more obscure, worthless and despicable is a tribe, the more complicated is its grammar and the poorer is its vocabulary) but within framework of artificial, imported phony English.

Now, back to my friend - I would get a teacher of English for my kids but because I don't want to teach any sort of fake lingua franca to them, instead I want to teach them some lingua anglica.

And yes, the phrase "English is a lingua franca" is somewhat of oddball quality, to my ear it is, so un-English and makes so little sense.  Because I used the postwar ethnic statelet of Estonia as the chief example to illustrate linguistic frankishness, I should have perhaps written this in a different blog, one dedicated to the phenomenon of ethnic satrapies. But I started it here and will leave it here for now.